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Saturday, January 23, 2021

What Is True Love What is true love

 What Is True Love What is true love


 Love what you get

 This is called compromise

 Find the one you love

 It is called success ...


 Knowing this, loving him.

 This is true love…

 I tell you the biggest truth of the world. The biggest truth of the world is that 90% people do not get their true love.


 Parts behind Na Ex.

 The parts behind Na Next.

 Fight yourself and ...

 Parts behind own Best.

 Telling the truth… the person for whom you will cry day and night. The person you will think about day and night. That person will not appreciate you at all, but that does not mean that you will not get true love. In my view, there is only one way to find true love.

 No matter how bad our parents are, but they are the best for us, we can never think of putting someone else in its place. We can never love anyone as much as them. Because he loves us because he only gave us love throughout his life, we also got so much love from him, seeing that love, which is very precious.


 Love the person who loves you. Whose eyes have love for you even if you don't like it. Love the person who loves you. Believe that one day, seeing his love, you too will start loving them.

 The person who loves us never leaves us, so find a person who loves you. A time will come when you too will fall in love with them. And anyway

 Nobody ever gets perfect partner.

 Life of both partners ...

 Pass each other into making perfect.

 What is true love, what is true love explain in Hindi

 First of all, never love anyone to fulfill your physical needs,

 Secondly, never love to cheat someone,

 The third thing is never to take revenge on someone,

 Fourth thing, never love anyone for playing with emotion,

 Do not fall in love after the fifth and the most important thing is never seen, because sometimes seeing our friends in the relationship, we also have the desire to go into the relationship and we can propose anyone and join the relationship with them,

 Sometimes we love someone because of an addiction.

 Sometimes we love to be dependent on someone.

 Sometimes we love someone when we are in front of them

 What Is The Meaning Of True Love

 There are some things that people have put in their mind to get their brainwash done so I want to talk on that too. Remove film love from your mind because love is not seen by anyone.

 To love someone's beauty. To love someone's style. To love someone's good behavior, to love someone's good behavior. None of these is called love because it is all things that change with time. Love connects the mind with the mind, as if you never want to leave your true friend because he understands you and you understand him, because of this you both have the same understanding. This is the reason why you give him Don't want to leave This is what happens in a love relationship when you start understanding each other, then you don't want to leave each other and this relationship just gets cut off,

 Your heart wants you to fulfill their wishes, your heart wants you to do anything for them. You are busy in any work, but in every corner of the mind, a picture of him is engaged every second.

 Feeling Of True Love

 God is also happy with that which gives happiness to others. There is a line of a song that I used to laugh after hearing and I used to joke but every person who has felt true love can understand this line. .

 Why is my God like a moment greater than the life of love

 It is better to run after someone's body, that you will understand their true love only when you are in their soul, then only when you remember every thing of theirs will you feel happy.

 The sign of true love is when you do not need anyone's advice and advice, when you start feeling different and different from their style, this is also the line of a song, maybe, don't know whose ... Songs are related to life

 There are many more signs of true love but in a single moment everything is not remembered, that's all for today. Many more facts and thoughts are in everyone's mind, they put their own thoughts in front of others.

 I write each blog in a simple C line and tell you the entire blog in the base of all of you. Similarly, what I call true love today, I will definitely tell you in front of you in one line. True love is the one in which our need and selfishness are not kissed,

 If you read someone else's blog, it will increase your knowledge and you will benefit some of the things I have said, some people may not feel right because everyone's view of love is different,

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